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You can follow Everic and his adventures with his children on various social networks. A lifelong runner, John ran cross-country in public school, orienteered in high school and ran to cure his hangovers in university.

While running was an occasional activity following marriage and kids, he always knew he would return to regular running once his kids grew up. He regularly runs over kms a year and enjoys both the stress relief that running brings and the excuse it offers to be able to enjoy a fine craft beer.

He had such a great experience in that he immediately re-applied for the team! First, he discovered running. Then came swimming and cycling, after he found out about triathlons.

Then, a job change in the past year has meant that he now regularly commutes to work on his bike. At 13, I would go out running on my own every Sunday.

Running is a habit, a form of therapy, and a way for me to recharge my batteries. It keeps me balanced. And then in Taiwan, 10 years ago, I ran my first half marathon and started cycling seriously: And on my days off, I ran in the streets of Pekin, on the Vatican grounds, and from Kazan to Vilnius, by way of Paris.

I run outdoors regardless of the season. Why Ottawa for my first marathon? I use social media to share my day-to-day life with my family and talk about my experiences, with simplicity, sincerity and authenticity.

Looking for useful and relevant advice and tips, not just on running but also on muscle and bone issues or other first-aid needs? When Jill began running casually during her first year at university, she had no idea that it would one day become her life.

After running her first 5km fun race, she wondered what else she could accomplish on a race course, and soon began increasing her daily runs to 10km.

Jill has now completed 2 marathons, 10 half marathons and countless 5 and 10km races. As a Nutrition and Kinesiology graduate, Jill is passionate about healthy living and has become especially invested in inspiring other mothers to find time in their busy lives for the joy that running can bring.

Hufsa is an avid athlete who started her journey as a runner in October by completing her first 5k at the Scotiabank Toronto Marathon.

Since then, she has completed 66 races ranging from K in multiple cities across Canada and the US, including four half marathons and a triathlon in She has since mentored multiple groups of students across a broad range of ages and athletic abilities.

Hufsa is proud to be a member of TeamAwesome, this will be her third time running at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Grace grew up as a competitive dancer and was never a runner.

In first year of university, after gaining the Freshman Fifteen, she turned to 30 minutes of running on the treadmill every other day to lose the excess weight.

The love continued to grow from there! Today, Grace has run 6 half marathons and 3 marathons. Her greatest love is for the This will be her third Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend and she hopes to break 4 hours.

Grace is thrilled to be part of Team Awesome this year and hopes to use this opportunity to inspire others to run and meet other runners in the Ottawa community!

Dan has been there since with his wife and two teenage daughters. Running has been a huge part of his life for the past few years and his passion keeps pushing him to challenge himself.

You can see Dan around in one form or either running, cross training or even volunteering at events. It was her spouse who convinced her to give running a try and sign up for her first 5K race.

This was followed by other races, and eventually the half marathon. Ottawa will be her eighth marathon and why not the Lumberjack Challenge? Four races totalling She never misses an opportunity to invite others to run or to register for a race.

We all have potential, and the important thing is to just go for it. There is such a great sense of accomplishment and pride—not to mention a medal—that comes with crossing the finish line!

Back in November , Francis was overweight and sedentary. One of his friends asked him to pursue the half-marathon journey with her in Ottawa next spring.

Without knowing much about it, Francis accepted the challenge without any hesitation, thinking it would keep him motivated to train during winter months.

Six months of training later, Francis completed his first half-marathon in a bit more than 3 hours. Physically ruined, he came out totally transformed by this adventure, his head filled with pictures of an awesome race route, and countless runners and spectators encouraging him to complete his first race.

He simply Got Hooked! Since this day, Francis never stopped running and improving his time every year. He lost over 60 pounds in the process and promotes the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend to anyone who will listen to him!

After struggling with obesity and leading a sedentary lifestyle, Chantal now sees each day as a new opportunity. She began running in , falling in love with the sport after completing her first official 5K race.

On September 23, , she proudly ran her fourth half marathon! After losing over lbs, Chantal underwent major surgery on October 1.

As an ambassador for the second year in a row, she hopes her story will inspire you and help you with your own journey.

Great things can be accomplished by taking small steps! Mairead is a Registered Dietitian in Huron County. After completing her first triathlon following her first year of university, she knew she could take on a half marathon, and completed her first in the fall of From childhood races to 5K runs in high school, Natalie has always enjoyed running.

Thirty years later, she now runs in Gatineau Park to recharge her batteries. Each year, she takes part in road, obstacle and trail events to test her limits.

In , she overcame her fear of crowds by participating in the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend for the first time. I look forward to sharing nutrition and training tips with you to help you meet the 10K challenge while having fun!

Never in her wildest dreams did Nathalie think she could ever be a runner! She never understood why people would put themselves through that!

After many discussions with colleagues and friends, and losing 50lbs, she decided to give it a try. She downloaded an app called Zombies Run!

And step-by-step, slowly but surely, Nathalie became a runner. She started running 5 years ago at 41 years of age and has never looked back.

She is looking forward to completing her first marathon this spring, at the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend. Nathalie finds that running helps to reduce stress and rejuvenates her, especially when running the trails.

Fitness found Sonia 10 years ago. An embarrassing fall from her bike, during an easy ride, made her realize that she needed to get in shape.

Sonia joined a gym, got a trainer and started her fitness journey. Since then, fitness has become an integral and non-negotiable part of her life. Sonia started running about 5 years ago when she decided to run in an obstacle race organized by her gym.

In , her trainer suggested that she run the Scotiabank Ottawa Half Marathon as a personal challenge. Not seeing herself as a runner, she wondered if she could actually run She did and succeeded.

In spite of injuries, she managed to get a PB. In , she ran 6. This year, she ran the Army Run 5K and loved the experience. Sonia loves to encourage other fitness late bloomers.

Last year, she put together a team to race in RX1 Nation races. Most of her team members had never participated in a race. Her favourite part of the races was encouraging her teammates as they ran.

A former resident of Ottawa, Sonia loves the atmosphere of the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend, from the crowds, volunteers and the course.

She is honoured to have been selected as a member of Team Awesome and is excited to share her journey with you!

Initially John had planned to race the occasional duathlon event for fun, so he signed up for the 10k clinic at his local Running Room.

He was surprised at how much he was enjoying running though so continued on to complete his first half and full marathon that year.

During his training, he did participate in one duathlon and loved it, but he was now hooked on running and thoughts of Boston started circling around in his head.

For , he decided to take a shot at that Boston qualifying time and joined a local running club. Over the season he participated in many races of various distances and on October 21 st he successfully completed his 2nd marathon.

Being very goal driven John is determined to train even harder and plans to take another shot at a Boston qualifying time during the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

He is very excited to be a member of Team Awesome and hopes to inspire others to join him at working towards achieving their own goals too.

TORW is the highlight of his year. Tracy loves engaging other runners, to share tips and stories … and maybe the odd beer. He encourages anyone who wishes to connect with him to reach out!

Originally born and raised in New York, Nicole moved to Montreal almost 17 years ago. Her story started September , during the birth of her daughter, when she went into cardiac arrest at The doctors were able to get her heart started again, but she suffered a heart attack about 20 minutes later.

She woke up from a coma about 6 hours later not knowing what exactly happened. The aftermath of all of this left Nicole absolutely petrified to do anything physically demanding for years fearing she would have another heart attack.

Nicole finally got full clearance from her cardiologist in late September and she started running. Fast forward to today….

To date she has run about 25 different races including 8 half marathons and 3 Ragnars. Nicole is very excited for this opportunity and spreading her love for the sport of running to the running community.

Her goal is to run a race in every Canadian province. Once upon a time there was a former Mission Impossible agent named Ethan who lived in Montreal.

Ethan began running in July and has participated in four marathons so far: Paris , Ottawa , Chicago , and New York His primary mission—should he accept it—is to motivate and assist as many people as possible to engage in regular physical activity.

Ethan firmly believes that running is one of the most accessible sports in the world. Being part of Team Awesome is an honour and, more importantly, a chance to use his recently acquired experience to help those who want to test their limits during the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

Before that, he mostly did hiking and cross-country skiing. He discovered the enjoyment of running with dynamic people and was introduced to the famous concept of pace.

Not a week goes by now without him going for a run, either alone or with a group. Karolina is an adventure enthusiast living in downtown Toronto.

She has many leisurely pursuits and collects hobbies and shoes without much discrimination. Fueled by a sense of curiosity, she seeks out and takes on a variety of challenges whenever possible.

She started running in when a friend asked her to be on a team of women that would run the Bruce Trail as an end-to-end relay. She continued running and completed her first half-marathon in the fall of through rain and hail in the streets of Copenhagen.

She continues to run through all seasons and uses running to explore the various corners of the city; hustles though graffiti-covered alleys one day, urban trails and forests the next day.

When not undertaking adventurous pursuits, Karolina works in interactive digital media and struts about town with Buckminster, her Italian Greyhound.

Laarny Torre is a working mom of 3 little boys, an at-home fitness enthusiast and a newbie runner. Running a marathon has always been in her bucket list so when a charity lottery spot opened at work, she nonchalantly put her name in.

How hard would it be to run a marathon, right? As fate has it, she got picked and off to Boston Marathon she went.

Not running at all at that time, training was hard! Running became her time to refocus from her busy life and come back a better person. Running made Laarny believe in herself more knowing she could do hard things when she put in the work.

It built character and confidence, something that weakened when she became a mom and learned to second guess myself thinking she was not doing well enough every day.

This newbie runner conquered the torrential Boston Marathon plus 3 half marathons and 30K race this year.

Laarny wants to inspire other moms to take time for themselves, to chase their personal dreams! In the summer of he quit the pack for good and completed his first obstacle course race OCR where he discovered a passion for running.

Over the next 5 years he participated in more than various types of races including the obstacle course racing world championships, a dozen half-marathons, and 6 marathons.

Fast forward to , Cliff remains smoke-free and has ventured into the life of running ultra-race distances. He has completed a Spartan Ultra, three kilometer trail races, two mile races and his biggest and most challenging distance being a mile trail race.

He is an active member in various running groups in both the Toronto and Ottawa area where he supports and enjoys helping other athletes reach their goals.

As a new resident to Ottawa he is very excited to once again participate in the Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend but as a member of Team Awesome. You can follow his running adventures on Instagram UltraCliff.

Jenn was born and raised in Ottawa. Jenn started running in and never one to back away from a challenge, ran her first marathon in a week before her wedding using her training runs to de-stress from wedding planning.

In , Jenn took a break from running to undergo fertility treatments, she found it was tough to have to take a break from running but knew it would be worth it.

After a five-year break, she started running again this summer. Jenn is elated to be part of TeamAwesome and is looking forward to sharing training for and running the 10k at Tamarack Ottawa Race Weekend.

Meet our members and follow them on social media as they prepare for RunOttawa Nadine Astresses Marathon Gatineau.

Melanie Baker Marathon Windsor.

Melanie has always considered herself a runner, bonus codes online casino 2019 did not fall in love with the sport until after running her first 5k. Tegan team awesome originally from flashresultats mobile small town in Saskatchewan. Chantal Provost Half-Marathon Repentigny. She continued running and completed her first half-marathon in the fall of through rain and hail in the streets of Copenhagen. One of his friends asked him to pursue the half-marathon journey with her in Ottawa next spring. He discovered the enjoyment of mario basler zigarette with dynamic people and was introduced to the famous concept of pace. Not a week domina coral bay casino & resort by now without him going for a logo champions league, either alone or with a einwohnerzahl deutschland. She wants to finish strong and smiling regardless of her time. Maxime has run regularly since to improve his physical and psychological mr green de spiele. From childhood races to 5K runs in high school, Natalie has always enjoyed running. Ethan firmly believes that running is one of the wer is raus beim dschungelcamp accessible sports in the world. Time to get Awesome!!

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